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Glave Kocen Gallery

2 good ground cherries
James Del Grosso - two good ground cherries
Featured Artist
James Del Grosso

James Del Grosso’s (1941-2013) still lives begin with a thoroughly modern sensibility - an exquisite sense of form and composition. He bathes these forms in a defining light that harks back to the American luminists, and finally completes the whole with a painstaking old master's polish.

Light still is the predominant element in his work - a light that reveals the solidity of his forms and the clarity of his meticulous application of glaze upon glaze. However there is a new drama in his use of light with the monumentality of mundane objects of domestic still life. Del Grosso wants us to see - to see clearly, emphatically and specifically. Through scale and light, he forces viewers to abandon what we assume or know about specific objects and to view them anew.

Much larger-than-life stainless steel kitchen implements are revealed as intriguing and complex shapes with a surface sheen that is at times spectacular. A single onion becomes a celebration of graceful form and exquisite textures.

So much art today is surrounded by a veil of ideas or used to promulgate social or political positions, therefore it is especially refreshing when an artist like Del Grosso offers us the opportunity to indulge in the simple pleasures of seeing.

Excerpt from “CeCe Bullard”, by Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA

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Current Exhibit

Past, Present and Progress
KC Collins, Sheep Jones and Angie Renfro
September 5 - September 30, 2014

Sheep, KC, & Angie kick off the Fall Season with an exhibit that speaks to artists pushing themselves forward without leaving behind the original fruit that makes their work so impactful.

These three artists have succinctly defined their styles and yet showing them together for the first time will reveal a commonality in subjects and a sincere fascination with the world around us! Sheep Jones's fantastical Sheds, Botanicals, and Bird Paintings are delightful. Renfro's Bees & Branches & Power Lines pick up where Sheep leaves off with a soft atmospheric treatment. KC will astound patrons with her attention to detail whether it be a wide open road scene or the detail of a Duck Feather.

This exhibit also represents the gallery’s own identity. Sheep is at the center of Jennifer & Bj’s sensibilities as gallerists. KC represents the newer talent that the gallery represents and Angie is brand spanking new exemplifying the direction the gallery is headed.

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Style Weekly Article "Send in the Clowns"
April 22, 2014

Staunton artist, Benjamin Frey, looks for wonder and meaning at the circus

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