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Glave Kocen Gallery

Kevin Orlosky

Life-size Cyanotypes printed on fabric

In the Spirit of what these individuals have given to the community, a portion of the sales will be given to many of our city's Arts and Culture Organizations that have helped define us. Kevin has truly created a body of work where we can stop and give thanks and marvel at his accomplishment at the same time.

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Kevin  Orlosky Mickael Broth
Mickael Broth
Kevin  Orlosky Andrea_ Ada_ and Ellis Orlosky
Andrea, Ada and Ellis Orlosky
Kevin  Orlosky Ashley Hawkins
Ashley Hawkins
Kevin  Orlosky Bill Martin
Bill Martin
Kevin  Orlosky David Fisk
David Fisk
Kevin  Orlosky Ed Trask
Ed Trask
Kevin  Orlosky Ellyn Parker
Ellyn Parker
Kevin  Orlosky Emily Smith
Emily Smith
Kevin  Orlosky Erin Thomas-Foley
Erin Thomas-Foley
Kevin  Orlosky Harry Kollatz Jr and Aimee Oliver
Harry Kollatz Jr and Aime Oliver
Kevin  Orlosky Heide Trepanier
Heide Trepanier
Kevin  Orlosky Joe Seipel
Joe Seipel
Kevin  Orlosky Kendra Wadsworth
Kendra Wadsworth
Kevin  Orlosky Kevin Orlosky
Kevin Orlosky
Kevin  Orlosky Lauren Fagone
Lauren Fagone
Kevin  Orlosky Lisa Freiman
Lisa Freiman
Kevin  Orlosky Matt Lively
Matt Lively
Kevin  Orlosky Michael and Felix Lease
Michael and Felix Lease
Kevin  Orlosky Nico Cathcart
Nico Cathcart
Kevin  Orlosky Noah Scalin
Noah Scalin
Kevin  Orlosky Pam Reynolds
Pam Reynolds
Kevin  Orlosky Paul DiPascuale
Paul DiPasquale
Kevin  Orlosky Richmond Comedy Coalition
Richmond Comedy Coalition
Kevin  Orlosky Ted Elmore
Ted Elmore
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