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Glave Kocen Gallery

Josh George


About the Artists:

Josh had a big change of heart and he’s putting it all in his work.

Josh’s unique mixed media cityscapes and portraiture have a staggering amount of detail to them. His art has taken him all over the country and even many shows to Italy and all the reviews say the same thing; his work is imaginative, theatrical, and very VERY human. It is truly amazing how Josh takes everyday moments and makes them grand somehow like drinking coffee or taking a walk down a city street.  Starting with torn bits of maps, wall coverings, labels and other discarded bits of printed paper, he arranges his subjects and then comes back on top with paint very delicately to finish the work off.

Josh also has as much fun with titling his work as well as painting it.  With titles like, “Who Will Win the Peanut Butter Wars.” and, “The Wind Carried It In Its Belly, The City Nursed” you get a sense that Josh also probably has a pile of poems stashed somewhere that he has yet to reveal to the world.  Josh sees titling his work this way adds even more mystique making the mundane fantastical and vice versa as if a nude woman delicately balancing on her big toe on the corner of a skyscraper is just a Tuesday for the free spirited figure.




Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2012
Azart Gallery, New York City, New York, 2014
Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2015
Weinberger Fine Art, Kansas City, Missouri, 2015
Emory and Henry College, Emory, Virginia, 2012
Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, 2010-14
Tria, The Suchman-Bart-Metheny Gallery, New York, New York, 2009
Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri, 2006
Entroterra, Milano, Italy, 2004-09
Gallery C, Raleigh, North Carolina, 2004,2011
Garage Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 2007
Arte Novello, Bozzolo, Italy, 2006
Hallar Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 2003-06
Jules Place, Boston, Massachusetts, 2001-06
Galleria d’Arte Moderna Di Stile, Brescia, Italy, 2002-04
Coda Gallery, New York, New York, 2000-04
Jayne Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 1999-02
Shiraz Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 1999
The Art Garden, Kansas City, Missouri, 1998
East 51st. Street Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 1998


The PS Gallery, Columbia Missouri, 2013
Azart Gallery, New York City, New York, 2014
Tria, The Suchman-Bart-Metheny Gallery, New York, New York, 2008-13
Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2010-13
Joanne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, 2013
True F. Luck Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, 2012-13
Fiere di Parma, Parma, Italy, 2011-12
College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, 2011
Forre Fine Art, Aspen, Colorado, 2010-14
AAF, New York, New York, 2008-11
Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton, New York, 2010
Aaron Gallery, Washington D.C., 2010
Premio Suzzara, Mantova, Italy, 2005-09
Arte Fiera, Catania, Sicily, 2006
Rassegna G.B. Salvi, Sassoferrato, Italy, 2006
Galleria Immagina, Brescia, Italy, 2006
Biennale Internazionale Città di Bozzolo, Bozzolo, Italy, 2006
Arte Verona, Verona, Italy 2005-07
Swish Art, Milan, Italy, 2005
Lineart, Milan, Italy, 2004-07
Society Of Illustrators, New York, New York, 2002
Central Park Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 2001
The Fahrenheit Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 1999


Emory and Henry College, Emory, Virginia, 2012
New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2012
TAD, Richmond, Virginia, 2010
Virginia Commonwealth University, Communication Arts Faculty, Richmond, Virginia, 2009-13
The Illustration Academy, Guest Lecturer, Richmond, Virginia, Summer, 2010
Pratt Institute, Painting Faculty, New York, New York, 2006-09
Syracuse University Master’s of Fine Arts in Painting, Guest Lecturer, New York, New York, 2007
The Illustration Academy, Guest Lecturer, Sarasota, Florida, Summer, 2005-06
Accademia di’Arte di Brescia, Guest Lecturer, Brescia, Italy, 2005
Pratt Institute, Guest Lecturer, Brooklyn, New York, New York, 2005-06
The Illustration Academy, Guest Lecturer, Richmond, Virginia, Summer, 2004


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RVA Magazine, October, 2013
Richmond Times Dispatch, August, 2012
Style Weekly, September, 2011
Style Weekly, October, 2010
Independent Weekly, August, 2010
Review Magazine, February, 2008
Pitch Weekly, February, 2009
Arte In Arti Emestieri, October, 2008
Prima Rassegna d’Arte, Premio Orzinuovi, August, 2008
Arte In Arti Emestieri, October, 2007
Aperture Internazionale d’Arte G. B. Salvi, August 2006
Stile Magazine, March, 2006
Kansas City Star, June, 2004
Stile Magazine, April, 2004
Review Magazine, December, 2002
National Public Radio, December, 2002
Society of Illustrators, December, 2001
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The Illustration Academy, Summer, 1997
The Kansas City Art Institute, 1994-97
Central Missouri State University, 1991-93



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