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Glave Kocen Gallery

FAMILY ROOM: Scalin, Scalin,Scalin, & Golub
An Exhibition of works from 2 generations of the Scalin Family
February 3 - February 25, 2017

Scalin, Scalin, Scalin, & Golub is not a bulldog law firm despite it sounding like the Allen's formidable opponent! However it is a firm family:  Mim Golub, Chuck Scalin, Mica Scalin & Noah Scalin all are accomplished artists. For the first time ever anywhere, the family is exhibiting together which the glave kocen gallery is proud to host..."Family Room."

2017 marks ten years for the glave kocen gallery and we're celebrating all year long. This is a big part of that celebration as the gallery has always prided itself on at least one or two shows a year being premier concepts; never been done sucker punches that rock the art community. There's been family exhibits before I reckon but not that I can recall in Richmond where every family member presents work and certainly, to their credit, not a family as prominent as the Scalins. If you are a fan of the Scalins you know how integral exploring different materials and concepts are to each member of the family. However the exhibit will answer some pretty fun questions; how does the family's work inform/ disrupt each other while being in the same room? What joys will be experienced? Will tensions arise? How will the family dynamics truly play into the exhibit and mounting of it? If the questions are not apparent in the actual exhibit patrons will have the opportunity to ask the Scalins themselves at the Family Room Gallery Talk following the opening reception the next day.

It was Chuck who approached the gallery at the tail end of 2015 with this exhibit. It was a no brainer as I recall very fondly back to the Rentz Gallery Days showing Chuck's glass assemblages. We said yes immediately and knew just as exciting as the exhibit would be, a gallery talk would be as equally potent. This past summer, Mickael Broth and his parents Georgeanne & Stuart had such a great talk about their family that they actually discussed some issues in front of an audience that they have never discussed together with themselves! It was a cathartic amazing experience for The Broths as well as the attendees. Who knew a gallery talk could be so therapeutic!?

This is a family that is super supportive of each other to an inspiring degree. Chuck and Mim have supported and encouraged each other's personal artwork during their 50 year marriage. Their most recent collaboration was on the Artists Coloring Book Volume 2.  Mica and Noah are business partners running Another Limited Rebellion, an art and innovation consultancy. They recently co-authored their first book together, "Creative Spirit: Six Thirty-Day Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity" which will be released this coming April from Voyageur Press.

The exhibit will feature a multitude of media; Mica's evocative photography, Chuck's intricate assemblages, Mim's thirty DaDa-esque Collage altered postcards and Noah's mixed media creative outpouring including a vibrant portrait of Richmond's own artist Hamilton Glass.

Mim explains the significance of the show’s name, “The title is significant because we never had what people know as a ‘family room’ in our home. We had a studio. When the kids were young, the studio was the entire front of the upstairs of our home. It was where we all hung out, our family room. We had work spaces and materials, and the kids made their stuff there, too. I don't think we had any rules about it, other than, clean up your mess, don't cut yourself, and let us know when you use something up so we can get more of it. That's about it. Kids brought their friends up there, too. It feels great being able to exhibit together now too.”




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