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Glave Kocen Gallery

Greg Osterhaus
new work
March 3 - April 1, 2017
Greg Osterhaus

The Cows, The Barns, The Glowing Colors, The Thick paint and decisive Brush Work, it’s all coming back with Greg Osterhaus and his new collection of paintings. We love to plan shows that correlate with the season. Greg’s work is the perfect harbinger of Spring and helps thaw us out by the end of March. His works are as popular as ever with the healthiest preview list we’ve ever collected.

How is it possible for Greg’s work to continue to resonate year after year? How is it possible that he doesn’t get burnt out on landscapes and cow portraits? The trick for Greg is,”… to constantly relearn and reinterpret, keeping in mind that there is no set formula, no safe path.” Not only has Osterhaus built for himself this great healthy habit of remaining curious and open to his process but he also does tend to explore other subject matter like for example the Butterfly painting, “On a Lavender Bloom.” One thing is for certain and that is simply Greg loves what he does.

He has lived in Roanoke, VA ever since he was 12 years old and has no intention of leaving the country that has been his inspiration for his work these past couple of decades.

formatting leafy greens
leafy greens
formatting against a thicket
against a thicket
formatting blue mountain white barn
blue mountain, white barn
formatting ona lvender bloom
on a lavender bloom
trio of barns in front of a mountain
formatting oreo and yellow
oreo and yellow
pink is like red but not quite


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