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Glave Kocen Gallery

An exhibition of works by Steven S Walker celebrating
the 10th anniversary of the glave kocen gallery

September 8 - September 30, 2017
opening reception, Friday, September 8th 6:00 until 9:00


For immediate release

glave kocen gallery is ten years old and we're lighting the candle with thirty new paintings from Steven S. Walker

Steven was the first artist to sign with glave kocen in the summer of 2007. From that day to this the husband and wife teams of Glave/Kocen and Davis/Walker have become great friends and are majorly supportive of each other. "We decided since the Rentz Gallery days that the quality of the person was as important to us as the integrity of their work." starts BJ Kocen. "Steven's constant push to be better, explore new avenues and to be as professionally courteous as possible, it's all what Jennifer and I have strived for this past decade. We're all celebrating where we've been and where we are headed but September 8th we are firmly going to celebrate the gravity of the moment."

Steven's thirty works will pick up where his last solo exhibit in 2015, "Night Shift" left off concentrating heavily on urban night scenes and either overtly or in a subtle fashion features "ten" as a loving tribute to the anniversary. The number ten maybe painted into a license plate or a composition may include ten streetlights. “When everyone is falling asleep, I’m just getting started” says Walker referring to capturing photos for his night time compositions. 10:30PM seems to be right around his magic hour when stories really start to take shape and the streetlights are in full glow. The ten year mark is also significant for Steven as his career as a professional fulltime artist really started around the same time the gallery opened. “We grew up together” continues Kocen. “We were all green back then but we stayed true to the dream and we helped each other make it a reality.”

glave kocen launches Ten:Thirty Friday Sept. 8th with an extended opening from 6-9 PM with dessert and live music from 8-9.


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