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Glave Kocen Gallery

"The Great Connect"
new work by Ed Trask
May 15 - June 9, 2015
opening reception, May 15th, 2015 6:00 until 9:00
_the great connect_

“The Great Connect”

New Work by Ed Trask

Richmond has always been and always will be Ed’s canvas

In his 4th solo exhibit with the glave kocen gallery, Ed honors the city he so dearly loves and the people within.  With all the community outreach, public art installations, speaking engagements and countless non-profit organizations Ed is involved in, Richmond would not be the same without him! If the question is what motivates Trask to entrench himself in so many avenues of commitment he answers handily with this new body of work and this perfect statement… “We fight all of our lives to find a connection, an alliance to nature, history, friends, story lines, family. The search sends us in infinite directions as these alliances we build start to form a community. A trip to the river , the rhythm of a passing train, a conversation  ,the story of an old building, our close and extended families all start to remind us of our endless search for "The Great Connect"  

Ed’s entire career is a love letter to the principle of self actualization. This is the first time however he has given it a name even though he’s been gestating on this idea ever since the early days of  hustling at Millie’s when a couple of out of towners he was waiting on liked his personality and vibe so much that they decided to explore moving to Richmond.   Ed hopes you’ll find the great connect with these 20+ works in your own life and engage deeper with your loved ones and your community. These are not just paintings of Richmond and outlying areas; they are works where Ed has staked his claim, built his home and has found vast meaningful inspiration.


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