Ali Leja


Ali Leja is a self-taught (primarily) instinctual painter. Drawing from her 20 years of experience as a school counselor, Ali's work is designed to be happy, fun, and uplifting. Each painted canvas, work on paper, or limited-edition print intentionally captures positive emotions and reminds the viewer to celebrate the simple joys in life. 

Ali uses her trademark large brush strokes to create mixed media pieces that are abstract expressionistic in style. She employs several mediums including acrylic, oil, charcoal, and pastels to present her captivating interpretations on canvas and paper. Ali's work continues to evolve as she explores favorite themes--animals, florals, still life, figures, coastal elements, and more. 

Having overcome many obstacles in her own life, Ali makes the conscious choice to focus on positivity and to craft "good vibes-only" artwork. She views her ability to create art as a gift, and spreading her joy to others through her artwork is both a calling and a privilege.

Ali feels that maintaining a physical, emotional, and spiritual balance is the key to her artistic success. Her deep appreciation of life goes far beyond her art. She practices yoga and strength training regularly and participates in life coaching. Ali is also influenced by her love of animals and nature, design, and her passion for collecting art, personally.

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