Title: "Rana Ballerina" 

Artist: Jai Mitchell
Year created: 2021
Medium: Oil, acrylic, oil pastel, charcoal and chalk on canvas
Size: 20 x 16 inch
Retail Value $1200
Minimum Bid $600.00
We will take the best offer on this painting as it is a 100% Donation to SCAN.

To purchase this painting please email- jennglave@glavekocengallery.com

Jai Mitchell is a self-taught artist who found that creative breakthroughs through painting can be helpful to overcome fear, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. “Rana Ballerina” is a portrait of the artist’s sister, who loved to dance and found joy in ballet. Both Rana and Jai experienced sexual abuse as children. Rana passed away last year. As a survivor of child abuse, Jai Mitchell is a passionate advocate for children. He strives to raise awareness of the lasting effects of child abuse, so Greater Richmond’s SCAN’s mission is important to him.

"(Jai) is a soul portraitist who, like Munch, depicts psychological states that torment him."

-Nicola Kuhn, Art Critic for the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel 

In 2020, Jai had his first solo show in Berlin at Salon Halit Art. It was a huge success followed by another Berlin solo show at the Under the Mango Tree Gallery. 2020 also included a solo VR show at ArtGate, currated by Ali Jay Fine Art. 2021 opened with two of Jai's paintings being featured in a show in Italy at the MADS Milano Gallery. Learn more about the artist at https://www.artjaigantic.com/

agent: Ali Jay Fine Art

@mitchelljai, @ali_jay_art, @ali_jay_VR