Installing in February, Glave Kocen will be receiving a metropolis of sculpture and painting created by the obviously unattended Martin Johnson. His process which includes literally creating multiple works at the same time has built a mighty inventory since his last Richmond exhibit at the Visual Arts Center in 2011. The Gallery space will be utilized to its maximum display capabilities with work hung from floor to ceiling and covering the walls. Martin’s uninhibited process allows him to be more of a witness; only reacting when intuition nudges him forward but only after intense decisions have been made to make his sculptures and paintings structurally sound.



is not only massive in scale but has a fun ironic metaphor attached to it. The Exhibit itself is a metaphor for art exhibits in general. Johnson turns the observer into the observed. The walls will be covered with “Heads” many of which are structurally built off the canvas with wire, string and whose faces are composed by “maximum random paint material occurrences defined by minimum recognizable features.” These floating heads will mimic a community of patrons attending an opening. On the floor and suspended from the ceiling will be structures derived from some of the same material as the heads; wire, string, sticks and paint which is then formed into seemingly weightless structures like clouds, crystals, branches and fantastical models of buildings. Patrons, metaphorical and actual, will probably be awestruck as the title of the exhibit might cheekily suggest. Martin is excited to do a little observing himself and,”re-see, embrace challenges and my interest in the individual work in relation to the ‘Oeuvre’ as one thing.”

Martin Johnson’s work has been collected in over thirty museums across the nation including our very own VMFA. he was also was featured in the Documentary on famed collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel in, “Herb & Dorothy 50 x 50.”

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