zoom room inspiration

Cameron Ritcher Zoom Room Centripetal Force 50x46

Marlowe Emerson Zoom Room Blue Chair 48x48

Elisabeth Ladwig Zoom Room Homecoming 41x31

Marlowe Emerson Zoom Room Double Rainbow 48x48


In the Winter of 2020, no one would have imagined we would be wearing masks everyday, ordering our groceries online and working from home.  Many of us now have a space where we conduct  business, maybe it is your kitchen table, a quiet corner tucked away in your bedroom or if you are lucky, a dedicated office space with an actual desk. These rooms have become known as ZOOM ROOMS!


Sure you can have a black square, or a fake background but wouldn't you love to create a space with a perfect backdrop.  Here are a few ideas of what a Zoom Room may look like. 

Glave Kocen Consulting is here to help. Please inquire about any of these options or others we may have in our inventory.

Elisabeth Ladwig Zoom Room Imagine 41x31

Sarah Gayle Carter Zoom Room Front Lines 12x36

Ellen Bradley Zoom Room Flying Fish 40x30

Sarah Gayle Carter Zoom Room River City Eats 18x45